Helping mental health services across Australia to deliver consistent and high quality care

iaptus is the user friendly client information management system with dedicated features that are crucial to running low intensity, high volume mental health services.

With Sydney-based data hosting, iaptus supports Australian services in the delivery of mental health care provided by Primary Health Networks (PHNs), private providers and community managed organisations.

iaptus was first developed in England over ten years ago, in collaboration with one of the first NHS psychological therapy pilot sites. Today, the system is trusted with the records of over 4m patients in the UK alone and supports over 70% of England’s National Health Service psychological therapy services.

Outcome measures

iaptus includes a vast library of measures to continually track patient outcomes built in analytics tools to help you to understand and improve the service you provide.

Patients can complete their questionnaires in session on your tablet, with the rest of iaptus safely locked away. The information is then encrypted, and the data is saved in the iaptus patient record, ready to be reviewed.

Alternatively, in the days prior to their appointment a secure link can be automatically emailed to patients, and they can complete questionnaires via an online form from home.

This feature not only saves time during the session, but also allows therapists and coaches to understand their client’s state of mind even before their appointment, meaning that actual therapy time can be more productive. In addition, it helps patients to engage more fully with their care.

This feature saves hours of collective clinical time that can be used more effectively, either to allow more dialogue time during appointments or to fit in more appointments each day.

Keeping your data safe

All client and service information is hosted on secure servers based in Australia. Mayden – the company behind iaptus – is ISO27001 certified and as such has robust processes in place to ensure secure storage of all confidential data. So you can have complete peace of mind that your information is in safe hands.

Dedicated support

A team of experts – from software developers and data analysts to customer support – is on call for you from day one. Your dedicated account manager will help guide you through the setup process and is your first point of contact for any questions you have from that point on.

Clinical alerts and risks

iaptus allows you maintain awareness of high risk patients as you manage the rest of your caseload. Rate patients according to a risk scoring system and keeps those high risk individuals flagged in your navigation bar, offering you peace of mind throughout the working day.

You’ll be able to see at a glance your high risk patients, how many days have passed since their last contact and the number of days until their next appointment.

Stepped care

The system can be completely customised to reflect the way you work, so patients are guided along your service’s own care pathways.

Group therapy

Complete group session notes and outcome measures quickly and easily on one screen, saving valuable time.


iaptus helps teams by offering a quick and easy way for supervisors to oversee and review clinicians’ work.

From their iaptus homepage, supervisors can see at a glance an overview of each of their clinicians’ case loads as well as the date of their next supervisory session.

Supervisors can work through their therapists’ case loads from one screen, including viewing the risk rating for each patient, the reason for referral and graphics showing progress across attended sessions.